Sometimes, life chooses a different path than the one you had in mind. Our path led us over very stony passages, which is why we withdrew for a certain time. To breathe. To get some fresh air again. To find out what we want to do with this life in general, how we define ourselves and what our deepest and most honest dreams are. For ourselves, but also for us as a team. Now we are back stronger and we can proudly say that our motivation to grow together and to build something long-lasting is greater than ever. Among other things, this also means letting bisstacchio grow and bloom.

Sicily – an Italian beauty

We found a lot of inspirations during our stay in Sicily, an island that is truly a pearl in its originality. The warmth of the Sicilians is contagious and every place enchants with the mix of old Arabic charm, sand-colored buildings, winding streets and good food on every corner. Eating… Yes, of course, Italian cuisine is already delicious, but the concentrated load of fresh foods and surprising dishes only leaves you full and happy. Starting with raw prawns, which are served in a marinade of oil and spices, to swordfish with its firm but tasty meat, to all the vegetables and fruits that can be found in the colorful markets of Palermo, to the absolutely best sweets worldwide: cannoli. Cannoli consist of dough rolls that are deep-fried and then filled with a cream made from sheep ricotta and chocolate chips, as well as candied fruit. Sensational.

An original cannolo recipe should of course not be missing on an Austrian – Sicilian blog: we are already working on it, we promise (and have to work harder than before on our bodyshape in order not to look like a cannolo ourselves at some point).

Elios – best of Sicily

Guido and Nicola

We visited Fabio’s friends Nicola and Guido, the founders of Elios, at their winery in Alcamo and were enchanted by the location of the vines, which are allowed to stretch their leaves towards the sun with a view of the sea in order to let the best grapes grow . We’ve talked a lot about wine, what distinguishes an organic method of cultivation from the conventional one and which sorts they grow in order to finally enjoy the good wines with good talks and a smile on our faces at sunset.

More about Elios.

Insider tips in between a vulcano, wine yards and a sea as beautiful as in the Carribean.

An insider tip for everyone traveling to Sicily is Castellammare del Golfo, a small town not far from Palermo, the capital city. It enchants with a wonderful harbor and a sea that is otherwise only so beautiful in the Caribbean. Another insider tip: rent a boat and enjoy the sea for yourself while marveling at the breathtaking coastline.

Palermo is delightful – there is a lively hustle and bustle, you can feel life on every corner, it’s a little chaotic, it’s loud, cars and scooters zoom through the whole city and in the traffic I sometimes recall Indonesia – rules … Cos’è quello? (What is that?) The stronger or the bolder one wins, but amazingly enough, it works pretty well. Maybe only because Fabio drove and not me … But you can only speculate.

For all food crazy people who are out and about in Palermo: these markets (and many more) offer you the most fantastic delicacies:

Sicilian specialties that are offered everywhere are boiled octopus, which, by the way, the best thing is the head, according to Fabio. I’m not so sure about that yet … You can find boiled snails on every corner that you suck out of their house with a special technique. Arancine (fried rice balls that are filled with various ingredients), panelle (a kind of pancake made from chickpea flour) and not to forget: Stigghiola. But this is really only for those who like to try the crazy things, because it is nothing more than veal or lamb intestines that are skewered and refined with a little spring onions and salt, then the whole thing is put on the grill and is enjoyed with lemon juice. But even the palates of the Sicilians are not unified here – some love it, some don’t try it in their entire life. You can guess three times which category Fabio falls into 😉

In order not to ruin your appetite forever, here is another tip for finding the best cannoli: Piana degli Albanesi. This place is not only worth a trip for the delicious cannoli, there is an interesting story behind it, because besides Italian and Sicilian, Albanian is also spoken here. The place was founded by Albanian immigrants who had to flee before the Turkish invasion.

By the way, did you know that Sicilian is a complete language and not just an Italian dialect? Did you know that Sicily is only 145 kilometers away from Tunisia?

What would Italy be without a phenomenal veggie pasta sauce?

This pasta sauce was created out of sheer necessity, because we have two zucchini plants in our garden – plants that grow and grow incessantly and we are already dreaming of yellow zucchinis that haunt us. That’s why I grabbed a lot of vegetables, chopped them and threw them into a pot. That is the real story behind this treat.

After all that grilled, boiled, or raw seafood, this is probably a good alternative for your palate. And most important, it is vegan. Everything that goes in there is vegetables, herbs, a little salt and olive oil. And of course love.

We are of course delighted if you try our creations and would love to see them. Link us on Instagram with @bisstacchio and use the hashtag #bisstacchiorecipes.

Vegetarian pasta sauce

Loads of vegetables with the best olive oil – is there something more delicious? Either pure or enjoyed with pasta, rice or a crispy white bread, this vegetable sauce is absolutely yummy.
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Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: einkochen, Gemüse, Gemüsesauce, Pastasauce, Zucchine
Prep Time: 1 hour
Cook Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 3 hours
Servings: 9 jars à 400ml


  • 9 clean jars à 400 ml
  • Food processor


  • 2 kg zucchini
  • 1.5 kg tomatoes
  • 3 carots
  • 1 melanzane
  • 250 ml olive oil
  • 200 g onions
  • 8 garlic cloves
  • 2 tbsp. salt
  • 2 bundles parsley
  • pepper, chili powder


  • Wash all vegetables and cut everything except the tomatoes into small cubes. Put aside.
  • Cut the tomatoes into larger pieces and roughly chop them with a food processor.
  • Peel the onions and garlic and cut into the finest cubes.
  • Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan and sauté the onions and garlic until they are translucent. Then add all of the cut vegetables and the chopped tomatoes.
  • Wash and finely chop the parsley. Add it to the vegetables.
  • Season with salt, pepper and, if desired, chili powder.
  • Let it simmer for 1.5-2 hours.
  • Place jars in the oven at 110 ° 15 minutes before the end of the cooking time. Boil the lids in a saucepan with water for about 5 minutes.
  • Pour hot vegetable sauce into the jars, close, turn upside down and let them cool down.


Durability: my glasses have always been durable for at least one year when working hygienically. Most of the time, however, they did not survive longer than a couple of months.